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My name is Kathryn Hughes and I have been in the travel industry for over 28 years now. I have traveled the world and love to travel and talk travel. My fellow travelers and I are here to help you with your journey.

In today’s environment, I’ve noticed how much more difficult travel has become, both from a booking point of view and the actual “getting there and back” point of view. I know the pitfalls and will walk you through them!


The choices in travel are vast and information is conflicting. The internet is a great tool, but there are pitfalls! I’ve had too many people come into my office wanting us to try to “undo” what they did on the internet. Unfortunately, that usually can’t be done. So my humble advice is: Know What You Are Doing And With Whom You Are Dealing Before You Book Online!

I will also discuss when you should use a travel agent and when you should book a trip on your own. With our expert guidance and insights, our site will save you time and money while finding the information you seek.

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